Saturday, August 27, 2011

A night of Wild Weather!

We were warned!  Weather watches were issued hours ahead of the storm ... tornado watches too.  Steve went out into the yard hauling everything up to the house ... just in case ... and we made a quick check of our emergency supplies.  The watches were updated to warnings ... and then, just as the sun set, it was upon us.

Continuous flashes of lightning lit up the sky ... dark clouds churned.  Giant forks and thick bolts raced across the sky or slammed down to the ground.  Waves of rain pelted the windows.  Even though I knew better, I huddled close to the glass and took pictures, hoping to capture some of the lightning ... and I did!

Flash!  What a sky!

 I love these pictures!  Once again the Waterloo area was spared from the full force of the storms ... areas west, north and south of us got hit pretty bad ... with a tornado touching down south of cambridge.  It stayed on the ground for more than 15 kilometers, but luckily no one was injured.  What a night!

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