Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Cooler ... that's good right?

Last night we had a fire in the yard!  The first one in 7 weeks.  We sat out watching the stars, clouds ... taking softly while the fire danced ... like a living thing.  Some friends came by and joined us ... and we told stories ... memories ... and sipped some wine long into the night.  The pups were great.  Alfie doesn't have a lot of experience with our fire rituals, but other than chasing a bunny for a few seconds, he stayed in the yard ... chasing, playing and racing around with Syd and Tuck.  We all enjoyed it.

But ... that means the end to summer ... cool nights.  I feel like this summer was a complete wash.  It was just too hot to do anything ... and I hate winter.  I'm not liking where this is heading! 

Today was a lovely day, a bit breezy ... but I can't complain.  This past weekend, millions of people south of the border dealt with ... no, are still dealing with hurricane Irene.

So ... I worked on 2 layouts, finished one ... no picture yet.  Plus I know which of my layouts will be featured on the sketch support blog this coming week ... sweet miss Myst, golden girl, and monster parade. 

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