Saturday, August 27, 2011

More layouts and a big surprise!

I finished 2 more layouts ...

golden girl
Again, this layout is based on a sketch by Allison Davis!  I worked and re-worked this layout ... and finally I got what I wanted, the colours really pop.  I love this layout!  These pictures were taken on our fall trip to Murray Lake in Northern Ontario last year ... it was Syd's first trek into the wildernes.  She's in her element, she just hasn't figured it out yet!

(almost) summit  Mount Revelstoke
July 2008, we arrived late in the day, the shadows long ... and we were pretty much alone.  We were looking forward to the short hike to the summit ... until we saw the signs.  A grizzly bear family was using the area!  So, we quickly decided to hike around Balsam Lake ... nice and close to the parking lot.  It's a good thing too.  Gem fell ... she fell hard, her head making THAT noise when it struck the ground.  Steve ended carrying her back to the van.

And now the surprise!  The next day, I noticed that both my layouts were on the top 3 bookmarked on the 2 peas gallery.

2 peas in a bucket gallery
 I'm number 1 and 3!  Hurray!

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