Monday, May 30, 2011

A brand new week

Last night we had some powerful thunderstorms go through.  Really cool lightning cascading across the sky.  One thick blue bolt hit nearby ... both Steve and I heard the sizzle when it struck.  We lost power for a brief time ... just enought to reset all the digital clocks in the house. 

Steve's dad had an appointment with a specialist today ... not the best news.  He has Parkinsons.  Poor guy, we just had to commit his mom to a nursing home due to dementia, and now this .....

AAAAAnd suddenly summer arrived.  Sunny, hot and humid today ... and tomorrow will be hotter.  Here we go ...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sunday

It has been a blah kind of weekend.  The sun did peak out yesterday, for a little while, and we mowed the lawn yet again.  Then rain .... again.  Today has been muggy, yuck.  But we did some gardening, mostly cleaning up around the patio, a little weeding and prunning.  When the sun did come out it was ohhhhhh, a ba-zillion degrees out.  Steve took his shirt off for an hour, and right now his chest and back is lobster red!

I'm looking at my scrap space.  It's a mess.  I need to get to it and organize and put stuff away.  Grrr, it's just sitting there mocking me.  Allison announced her new members of her creative team.  I was so blown away by the beautiful layouts ... Lynette11 made it.  I'm disappointed that I was not selected.  Ah well, get over it eh! 

The weather radar shows some nasty stuff heading our way, but there have been no warnings issued for us yet.  YET!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Livin for the weekends

Oh so tired.  It's early yet, thick fog has settled outside but they say it will burn off later this morning and then SUN!  I've heard nothing from the sketch support creative team, so I guess I was rejected again.  I'd like to know who made it.  I've been looking through some layouts on 2Ps.  I can see 3 people who obviously applied ... Lynette11 is a shoe-in, I loved her layouts ... and I've already bookmarked her gallery.  But not me, sigh.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

more rain today ....

First things first ... Happy Birthday Kathy!  I hope I'll see you today.

We had our first backyard fire on Friday and one of our new neighbours stopped by with his dog to visit.  He kept Zeus on a leash while our dogs ran all around in the dark.  Nearby we could hear fireworks, which made us think of Ruff ... he hated fireworks, but none of the dogs appeared to care about the pops and bangs. 

I did submit for the Sketch Support Creative Team.  This is what I submitted.

cold PLAY

hockey STAR

making waves with the boys
One sketch 3 ways.  I really like all of them and hope that Allison does too. This morning when I checked 2Ps, hockey STAR was the 3rd most viewed, and just now, the 3rd most bookmarked.  That's just crazy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Starts NOW

The May 24 ... the unofficial start of summer in Canada.  I took the day off, I so needed to make this a 4 day weekend.  It's cool and cloudy, but at least the rain has stopped. 

We managed to cut the lawn 2 days ago ... no kidding, the grass was more than a foot tall in our yard.  But when our baby Alfie ... a 4 month old golden retreiver disappeared into an especially long clump of grass we had to do it, wet or not.  A bunny shot out from under a lawn chair when I moved it, I never saw it under there.

Today I'm scrapping.  Yesterday I submitted 2 layouts for the Sketch Support Blog ... I love that blog.  Allison already posted one of mine this year 'that kid OWNS first base' and using the same sketch I designed 'Halloween hooowwl' and 'EARTH DAY 2010'.  Allsion just e-mailed me to say she liked them both!

that kid OWNS first base


I decided last weekend that I would try to get onto the Sketch Support design team since Allison put a call at the beginning of May.  I tried before but was unsuccessful.  I was so dissappointed, but a lot has happened since then.  I was published on Gingerscrapstreet E-Zine in April.

Published in Gingerscrapstreet E-zine April 2011
 and was a guest Design Team member for Two Scrapbook Friends in May.  They gave me some lovely papers from Jillibean Soup to work with.  These are the layout that I created.

family may contain nuts

out back

out on Murray Lake

PAWPRINTS on our hearts - GEM

So hopefully 3s is the charm.  I've got to get my submissions ready to submit tomorrow!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Blog

Well, I finally did it, started a blog!  Not such a technofeeb after all ... jury's still out.  I've got to get a feel for this, look around and PLAY ... make it MINE, but at least I'm on my way.