Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sunday

It has been a blah kind of weekend.  The sun did peak out yesterday, for a little while, and we mowed the lawn yet again.  Then rain .... again.  Today has been muggy, yuck.  But we did some gardening, mostly cleaning up around the patio, a little weeding and prunning.  When the sun did come out it was ohhhhhh, a ba-zillion degrees out.  Steve took his shirt off for an hour, and right now his chest and back is lobster red!

I'm looking at my scrap space.  It's a mess.  I need to get to it and organize and put stuff away.  Grrr, it's just sitting there mocking me.  Allison announced her new members of her creative team.  I was so blown away by the beautiful layouts ... Lynette11 made it.  I'm disappointed that I was not selected.  Ah well, get over it eh! 

The weather radar shows some nasty stuff heading our way, but there have been no warnings issued for us yet.  YET!

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