Friday, August 26, 2011

Killarney Provincial Park

When Steve and I were younger, we loved to camp in the wilderness ... and canoe camping in Killarney was one of our favorite things to do.  Thanksgiving each year we'd pack up and head out into the park, usually the north end... Murray Lake.  It would take an entire day of paddling just to get there.  We'd celebrate the holiday with nature ... it was always so perfect, just us ... on those trips we would not see another person for the entire trip, usually 5 days ... and once we canoed out during a blizzard, it was amazing. 

Ah, memories.  Well, back then we lived in Sudbury and Killarney was just an hour away.  It has so many memories for us ... when Ruff and Gem came into our lives, we took them hiking in Killarney, it was one of our favourite places.  So many canoe trips into the wilds ... and Ruff and Gem were there. 

In the main camping / day use area of the park, right where George Lake empties into the Chikanishing River, is the greatest dog beach anywhere.  We were looking forward to showing Alfie the lake ... it would be his first time swimming ... really swimming.

Alfie never disappoints!  He literally threw himself into the lake ... so much splashing ... we laughed and laughed.  George Lake is so beautiful, its colour is just amazing ... blue/green, like some tropical lake in some exotic local.  One of the best things about this dog beach is that people (without dogs) will come and play with the dogs.  Some young boys wandered over and Alfie jumped all over them, soaking them both ... and everyone laughed. 

So here we are, George Lake!

George Lake.  Isn't it beautiful?
We took Tucker's "Superior Stick", so named because Tuck refused to leave it behind when we visited Lake Superior last year ... he just loves that stick!  AND Steve had ordered two of the mallard duck retrieving toys, which Syd and Alfie love.  All the pups played and splashed for hours!

Tuck and the "Superior Stick"
Syd and Alf sharing, c'mon, that's adorable!
Runnin Fools!
Syd and Alf, doin what comes naturally.
After all the fun, Steve and I were starved ... but that was the plan.  Just down the road, in the town of Killarney,  right there on the dock, is a school bus that serves the best fish and chips on the planet.  Don't take my word for it, look it up!  So together with the pups we sat on the docks overlooking the channel eating fishy and chippie, mmmmmmmmm.  And as we looked around, there was at least 3 other dogs enjoying the day on the docks too. 

It was a great day, and rather than hotel it in Sudbury, Steve decided to drive back home ... a 6 hour drive.  Giant clouds towered over the highway as we drove south.


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  1. Thanks for posting this... Think we are going there this summer (if we can get a site). My dog friendly German Shepherd loves to swim so we like to go to campgrounds that are good for human and dog swimming (as that is our only options)