Sunday, January 8, 2012

I don't like Facebook!

So, another week of my life ...

Work is crazy busy ... but I think that I've still kept my resolution to "relax" ... it has been tough.

I did however manage to do something that I still can't figure out how I did it.  Somehow ... I slammed the car door on ... my NECK!  I mean how!  But there is no denying it ... and I've got the bruise to prove it!
For 2 days I couldn't move my neck ... it was killer driving.  For 2 nights I couldn't sleep. 

I sent in my layout for this week, it's a great sketch ...

Today we took the dogs out to walk a trail ... the weather is so beautiful ... and the trails so muddy!

And finally, I wanted to get back into facebook ... I have not signed in for years ... it's just not really my thing ... I guess it still isn't.  Well, much of my profile was gone ... hey, but my two 'friends' were still there LOL.  I sent a message to two people, just to play ... but my first message is not showing up on their 'wall', and my internet crashed on the second.  It was almost enough to make me NOT RELAX, maybe I'll try again later.


  1. are not alone...I cannot for the life of me get into is just so shallow and so time consuming...I would rather waste my time on Pinterest;-)

  2. I hear ya Michelle. I don't like facebook either and only use it to keep in contact with my son and granddaughter. Loved your last layout on Sketch Support ...your snow dogs.

  3. How did you manage to slam the car door on your neck. Hope you are feeling better......RELAX!