Sunday, February 10, 2013

After the Storm

The storm was over ... and I put on my boots, coat, scarf and gloves ... I had to head out to clear the driveway and walkway so that Steve could pull in when he got home from work.  Resigned, I trudged out into the night ... and found that someone had used their snowblower to clear our driveway!  I don't know why I was so surprised, Steve always helps to dig out our neighbours ... but I stood there ... stunned!  All I had to do was clear the walk to our door!  In a better mood, I stood and gazed at the stars, bright in the cold night sky.  Life is good!

Since I was all bundled-up, I marched through the house right out the back door and played in the snow with the pups until Steve came home.  He was thrilled to find the driveway clear!

The next morning dawned clear and cold!  We opened the door and released the hounds ... and soon, little Bailey joined us.  Sooooooo, more pictures of the pups ...

Little Bailey  Hurray ... friends to play with
Bailey has a thing for Tuck ... she's like a tick ... she grabs hold, and won't let go ... Tucker's such a nice boy ... he's OK with it.

Bailey and Tuck
The three amigos  Alfie likes to jump garden fences!
CRASH   Poor Tuck!
Tucker and Alfie race for a Toy ... and yes, Alfie already has one
While the pups played in the snow, we discovered that Bailey's dad, Joe did our driveway.  Such nice people, we're so glad that we can call them friends!

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