Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Day

I didn't go to work ... SNOW DAY!  That's right ... it snowed and snowed ... and then, it kept right on snowing.  I took the pups out in the yard and took some pictures of them during the storm.

They were feeling FRISKY!

you want a piece of me!

catch me if you can ...

Na Na Na

BAM didn't see that coming SUCKAH

so, wanna try again

Awww, come on, she started it
The whole time that Syd and Alf were romping, Tucker ran around barking ... and barking ... until I grabbed the deflated, ripped, nasty basket ball ...

Give it back, give it back, give it back
I mean, look at those eyes!

And then, when I tossed it, Alfie got it first, poor Tuck!

HA   I have the toy ... as usual
  and finally, well it's just too funny!

And then, it snowed some more.  I took the pups inside.  It was my turn to play at the scrapbooking table!

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