Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching things up - Spring 2013

Well it has been more than 6 months since my last post ... kinda sad really, I guess.  Truth is, I've been so very busy, and today I recovering from a bad, very bad cold and I thought ... no time like the present!

So I'll start with work ... my day job.  I always talk about how stressed-out I am, there is always something coming, something due and always rush, rush, rush.  This year started out the same way.  We had to get the pilot plant autoclave running ... and that autoclave had not been run in 6 years.  We put a team together, and I was the lead.  Thank goodness I had some good people to call upon, and we were able to put the circuit together and we ran the testwork without incident, on schedule.

And then, right after that finished we had to put together another circuit for some other rush job.  That work went off without a hitch, and ahead of schedule too!  And the whole time, the rumors circulated and grew and went around and around ... more layoffs were coming.

At home, I submitted several layouts for the summer issue of Canadian Scrapbooker, and one of them was selected for publication.  I was thrilled to be picked again!  So this is the layout ....

Whale Watching Adventure
I really love this layout.  This pictures were taken off the coast of Vancouver Island in the summer of 2008.  The whales were frisky, jumping, cartwheeling and breaching close to the boat!  And I got some amazing pictures.  I used a two page sketch by Allison Davis.

We were hit with a late season storm ... freezing rain!

Poor little bird - the seed is all frozen
And Steve and I prepared for the summer gardens, building new garden fences to replace the old rotten ones ... well they did last 10 years!  We had the potatoes and lettuces in the ground early, and our plum tree was absolutely covered in blooms!

Plum Blossoms

Preparing the garden

Lettuce and Carrots - Great new Garden Fence!

Potato Patch ... Nasty old garden fence works here.

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