Sunday, November 18, 2012

Layout - a winter wander

I finished this layout last weekend, and I just have not had a chance to post it here .... sooooooo

I had been reading about a pair of bald eagles that had nested next to the Grand River in Brantford near Wilkes Dam.  On the very first day of 2010, we headed out to look for them.

The ground was covered with a fresh layer of fluffy white snow.  We could see the nest on the far side of the river and because the area near the dam was criss-crossed with various trails, we headed out on a rail trail ... nice and flat!  Every now and then we could hear the eagles near the nest, but once on the trail we couldn't see the nest anymore.  On the return trip we headed along the river ... the nest looming closer and closer.  And then, a beautiful bald eagle flew over us!

a winter wander
I hope that the people of Brantford appreciate the eagles ... I have no reason to visit the area ... but for the eagles ... and I'm sure that I'm not alone!  So beautiful!

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