Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alfie and the Lizard

I have to admit, I had almost forgotten about the lizard ... but I laughed all over again when I saw the pictures today ... well ... I just have to post some.  Some of them anyhow.

Alfie and the lizard
I took these pictures in April, before the garden was in, so please forgive the mess of weeds and garbage ... you know how early spring can be, before the spring clean-up!

So, anyway ... I hid the lizard near the garden ... set up the camera, and then somehow missed it when Alfie saw the lizard.  He scratched at it with his paw, when it sprung-up and over the garden fence.  That scared the snot out of him ...

I'll get cha!
Sydney has no idea what he's all about ... she gave the lizard a quick sniff and decided it wasn't worth another ... but she's baffled by Alf!

He managed to get his teeth on it ... but he let go when it scrapped along a stick ...

Yikes ...
So, now the nasty lizard is even deeper in hiding ... but still visible ... (just look at Syd)


This is so funny ... he's not sure it's safe ... and even though he can easily jump the fence, he won't ... his back legs are still on the outside, suspended in the air!  Just in case he has to make a quick get-away!

Sneak Attack!
And then the retriever comes out ... he brings it back to us!

It's Oggie ... yuck
The lizard went into hiding again after this ... and he'll be back!

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  1. Your story and your dogs are so cute.
    The pictures are fantastic. ..made me smile.