Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hey ... New Layouts!

Finally, I've finished 2 layouts!  I started 10 layouts the first week of October, and well, I zig-zagged all over the place.  I've got 8 layouts almost done, but I wanted to post these 2 tonight.

This one is kinda hard right now, it's from a family get together in 2006.  It was not Thanksgiving, but close to it ... we called it a Harvest Celebration ... it was one of those funny, crazy days ... a day I want to remember ... so here goes.  Oh, and naturally, it's based on a sketch from Sketches for Scrapbooking.

F is for Family, Food and Fun

The next one ...

Every year I've wanted to visit Trillium Woods during the spring wildflower season, and this year we finally made it.  I love spring ... and trilliums.  Trillium Woods is known for the rare trilliums that can be seen here.  Red, white and pink trilliums ... well ... I've seen them before, and I've got hundreds of pictures ... but these are GREEN trilliums ... new to me, and oh so rare.

This layout is based on Two-Page Sketch 28 from Sketch Support.  I love this sketch!

Spring Hike   Trillium Woods

I used copic markers to make the green trillium and trout lilies.

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  1. As usual lovely layouts. Especially love the photos and layout of the trilliums.