Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 Layouts ... squared

I've got three layouts to post today, and I've only just noticed that each one use square pictures or elements ... hmmmm.

So, the first one I actually finished 2 years ago ... for a friend at work after her first child was born.  To make the layout even more special ... I asked some friends ... including men, to stitch around a square (I'd already punched the holes).  Also, I made a small baby card that would attach to the layout as an embellishment with extra pages so that we could all sign it.  Well, it got away from me and I never did photograph it.  Since my friend is about ready to give birth to her second child ... a boy ... I asked her to return the layout so that I could make a layout for him too ... one that would compliment the first.  So here it is ...

Beautiful Jovana

Card detail
I did a lot of thinking this past summer ... and I spent time leafing through old photo albums, and I came across some pictures taken 20 years ago this summer.  The very first canoe camping trip in the wilderness for both Steve and myself.  We invited my brother and his wife (and their dog "Devil") to come with us .. they being experienced wilderness campers themselves. 

We headed into Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park in August 1992 and set up our camp on a site in the lake near the river.  Well, the remanents  of Hurricane Andrew swept north ... WIND and RAIN ... so we were shore-bound and under cover for most of the trip.  We all had a wonderful time ... I even tried to bake a pie, but I burned the crap out it!  The experience had a profound effect on Steve and I .. it was the start of our passion for the wilderness and all things wild!

at home in the wilderness
Using my digital camera, I took pictures of those pictures for the layout.  My brother's wife is a talented watercolour artist.  Every chance she could she sat out on a rocky penninsula with a view of our campsite (with Devil) and she painted our campsite ... that's her out there on the 4x6 picture.  That year she gave the piece to Steve and I for Christmas ... I was surprised and very happy to receive it ... and now I've got another layout in mind! 

And finally, 7 years ago my brother turned 45.  It was a hot, hot day and we spent the time outside having water fights etc.  I didn't get many pictures of him ... so this sketch worked well ... I only needed 3 pictures to pull it off.  I've used it before ... even just recently ...

Happy 45th Birthday
All layouts are based on sketches by Allison Davis, Scrapbook Generation.

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