Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Weekend to REST

I'm so zonked ... I'm under so much stress at work that I'm not sleeping well at all.  I just needed to shut down this weekend ... and I did just that ... even though the first 4 sketches arrived from Allison.  But I'm feeling pretty good about that ... I'll have 2 weeks off work when my company shuts down over the holidays ... plus the sketches look like they'll lend themselves very well to some of my ideas.  So, well ... so there.

These short days make it impossible to take pictures of my layouts during the week ... it's dark around 5 in the evening, but I did take a couple of pictures of layouts that I've finished last week.  First up, Autumn Sunset.  This picture was taken during our fall trip to Murray Lake in 2010.  The incredible scarlet colour of the sky, reflecting off the lake was breathtaking.  Steve and I savour our trips north ... the quiet ... the peace, so restful. 

I used metallic paints, flicking crimson and tourquoise flecks over the black cardstock. It reminds me of stars at night.

Murray Lake 2010
And Dock Diving.  When we returned from Murray Lake with these pictures, I could hardly wait to scrap them ... and then Carolyn from Two Scrapbook Friends told me about some great outdoorsy paper that was just released ... Huckleberry Pond by Paper Loft.  When it came in I bought the entire line ... embellishments too.  I love how this layout turned out!  I used the weathered dock paper as the background ... I never do that, I always use cardstock, but in this case it works!

Dock Diving
I still laugh when I look at these pictures!  And now a close-up ...

That's our Alfie.

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  1. Amazing layout Michele! I LOVE the stitching and the photos are perfect. I am glad you finally got all the papers and were able to put them to good use.