Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve ... one more sleep to Christmas

Both Steve and I can't help it ... out of nowhere it swamps us ... our first Christmas without Ruffian ... and there it is, the loss, the sadness ... the tears ... ah, we still ache for him.  He was more than a dog, he was our constant companion, our trusted friend ... our sweet natured boy.  We lost him on January 27th 2011 ... cancer.

I love this picture of Ruff ... oh those eyes ...

On the other hand, this will be our first Christmas with Alfie, our goofy, crazy and always endearing puppy.  I love his eyes too ... he's smart, never as smart as Ruff, but I look into his eyes and I know he's thinking.  He makes us cry with laughter!


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  1. It is never easy loosing a pet. I know her will always have a special spot in your heart.