Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day ... I think that I'll stay home.

Steve is off to work, and I intend to stay at home SCRAPBOOKING!

Yesterday, Christmas Day was even crazier than I thought ... we were up early, the sun weak through the clouds ... chickadees perched on the suet, Juncos skipped across the patio looking for seed beneath the feeder.  We gave the pups some of their new toys ... most of the plush toys are empty skins now ... their stuffing removed and strewn all around the living room.  We got the pups ready ... us too, and headed down to visit family.

First we stopped to see Steve's mom in the nursing home ... but she was not in her room, she was eating her lunch.  She doesn't accept change well, so we left her gifts in her room and moved on ... All the residents who did see us laughed at Syd who was wearing her 'elf hat', she's so cute!

Then up to the house to see the rest of the mob we call family.  The tiny house was almost bursting at the seams.  Tuck and Syd were good as gold, but Alfie went nuts ... dashing around ... his tail cleared the coffee table, sending drinks and a huge bowl of mixed nuts flying!  Unfortunately I ended up in a corner with him on leash.  Even though both sofas were crammed with family, Tuck and Syd managed to worm their way up and snuggled happily with everyone.  I hate to admit it, but I didn't take a single picture.

Naturally I ate too much ... there was so much food.

So today ... and tomorrow ... I'm going to relax at my desk and scrap.  With Christmas behind us I can really relax!

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  1. Although it was busy, it sounds like a fun day. Hope you get some relaxing time in.