Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Busy!

What a good weekend!  I feel like a got so much accomplished.  Yesterday we headed into Stratford again to do some shopping before Christmas.  The place was packed with shoppers, but we got some nice things ... including some books for us!  On the way home we decided to head up to 12/4 (an intersection of country roads) to look for snowies.  Apparently they are coming down from the arctic, and there have been sightings just south of Guelph, but nothing in my immediate area ... I was hopping to be the first, but we didn't see one ... lots of hawks, red-tail, roughies.

Then we headed into Heidleburg ... there's a great little place there, farm fresh everything!  We arrived 2 minutes before they closed, but we got everything we needed for a yummy breakfast, eggs and toast AND a nice big roasting chicken for tonight ... I can smell the aroma as I type .... mmmmmm, can't wait!

Today we did some decorating for the holidays ... not much, Alfie just too crazy-puppy, and I can't trust him with a big tree.  I have a sweet little tree made of seed beads, so I dug it out, and put out some candles and mugs ... opps, dinner's ready, gotta go, but I'll be back!

Oh wow, that was gooooood chicken.

So, at least the dining room is festive!  I started working on my first assignment for the creative team .. I like the way it's coming together.  AND I finished 2 layouts that have been on my desk for months.

The first one is ... finally NO FEAR ... I actually had this one finished months ago, but forgot to journal it ... so today I did.  Seven years ago my husband was quite active with a cat rescue in the area, and he met a giant white cat ... this guy had lived a comfortable life with a family for 10 years, when for some unknown reason he was handed over to the rescue.  His life was one of terror after that, he was just too old to adjust to all the changes, he went from foster home to foster home, traumatized by all the changes ... but he bonded instantly with my husband ... so naturally we agreed to foster him.  Well, he hated me ... and our other cats ... I named him Bitey ... cause, well, he was very ready with the teeth.  But he loved Steve ... and got along very well with Ruff and Gem, so we decided to be his 'forever home' and we adopted him.  The adoption papers said that his name had been Frosty, so we called him Frost Bitey ... and he was ours.  It took some time, but he finally fit right in, he was relaxed ... no fear at all.  Sadly it didn't last.  Several months later we lost him to lung cancer.  I'm so happy that his last few moments were spent in peace.

finally NO FEAR

And ... COOL canines ... this past summer was brutally hot, so we took the guys to cool off in the best dog beach anywhere ... George Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.

COOL canines
 I like this layout ... it's bright and fun, but take a look at those waves, I put alot of work into those!  I love George Lake ... the blue-green water is so clear ... Syd and Alf spent hours retrieving their duckie toys. 

Oh, and both layouts are based on sketches by Allison Davis.


  1. Hi Michelle,

    It has been lovely to catch up with your life again and seeing your beautiful layouts. Congrats on making the team...I knew that you would.


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  3. Love your Frost Bitey story along with the great layout. Your photos are always so wonderful.
    Cool Canines is a wonderful layout also and I appreciate your colourful waves and splash! Great as always. I am excited to see your sketch support reveal.

  4. You have been busy! Your layouts are awesome. Too bad about Frosty but that was a really nice thing you did for him.