Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Catch-up

We've been enjoying all this beautiful sunny weather.  We loaded the pups into the van and headed to Stratford Ontario.  There was no real plan ... stroll through the park near the river and then do some shopping in some of the lovely shops downtown.  We wandered along the river for almost 2 hours ... this is a dog friendly place, almost everyone had a dog or two ... but no one (but us) had three.  Tucker carried a stick around and threw it at strangers ... really, he threw it, hoping that they would toss it back to him.  People thought it was so cool, one couple tossed it back and forth with him for 10 minutes!

Good Dogs
Then we headed into town ... visiting a tea shop, a cheese shop, a toy shop, a bakery and a chocolate shop.  We'll head back before Christmas!

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