Saturday, November 26, 2011

Layouts ... East and West Coast

Over the past month ... besides the 3 layouts I submitted to Sketch Support, I did manage to complete a few more layouts from vacations on both the east and west coasts of Canada.

North Rustico Harbour, Prince Edward Island.  In 2004 Steve and I headed back east.  We stayed in the small town of North Rustico ... it was lovely to wander down to the Harbour and look around.  Steve was looking for a charter to take him out fishing ... we didn't have luck with that, but we enjoyed our visit.

North Rustico   Prince Edwards Island
The National Park is located near North Rustico, so we headed into the park to wander the beautiful red sand beaches ... the wind blew as we walked down the beach, my hair danced wildly around my face ... but we were forced to observe the beach from the shelter of this lighthouse when the wind blew sand up into Ruff and Gems eyes.

PEI National Park
And clear across the country to British Columbia and another National Park in 2008.  The Pacific Rim is renowned for it's lush rainforests and it's endless beaches.  We rented a tiny cottage just across from Long Beach.  We took the dogs to the beach and played frisbee with Ruff.  This is a very simple layout, even for me, but I'm in love with it ... it's soft and dreamy ... exactly the feeling that I wanted to portray.

Long Beach   Pacific Rim National Park

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