Friday, October 14, 2011

More Murray Lake

I love looking through pictures.  I've picked a few more to post.

This year we packed a big bag of sunflower seeds, another bag of shelled peanuts and 4 loaves of bread JUST for me to feed to the birds.  The Blue Jays and Grey Jays visited us every morning and then again in the afternoon to grab some grub to store for the winter!

Grey Jay
We heard the tapping before we saw it.  Although very common, I've only seen a few of these large pileated woodpeckers in my life.

Just outside our cabin!
And finally ... every day we watched the sun set.  Each night the lake lay before us like a mirror ... loons wailed in the distance, or whistled together on the lake.  This year there were no spectacular sunsets, but this was lovely ... very serene

Simply beautiful.
And then we'd watch the stars ... up here there is absolutely zero light pollution.  Billions of stars filled the giant sky ... even the big dipper, pictured here, is hard to find amidst that incredible star filled sky.  Across the lake an owl called, so peaceful, so perfect!

The big dipper.
 And finally, in the end ....


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