Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting back into it!

Thanks Lynette for your comment on my pictures.  Here's the thing, I've already gone one planned using the new October 2-page sketch on Sketch Support ... and I've got my heart set on the Huckleberry Pond collection to really make the layout pop ... and my local scrapbook store ... the best scrapbook store ... Two Scrapbook Friends has only got a few bits and pieces of the collection in stock ... the rest is on back order.  WHAAAAAAAAA.

But I've got enough to do ... again, I've let things get bogged down.  I've started at least 10 layouts in the last month and have not finished one.  I'm bad for that.  It's the final touches ... I never know if I'm done ... so I take it out and look at it ... push some embellishments around the page ... then put it aside until I'm sure.  I plan on finishing some off this weekend.  We'll see ...

The Sketch Support site had a challenge last week for a layout based on a card sketch.  I really wanted to do it ... I printed out the pictures even.  But I just have no energy after work these days.  Now I see that no one has entered the challenge, and I actually feel guilty about it, like I've let Allison down or something.  But I just can't do it tonight so I'll try tomorrow ... so what if the challenge ends tonight.

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