Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wine Country

Earlier this month, Steve and I headed to Ontario Wine Country in the Niagara Region.  Along the way we stopped to hike along the Bruce Trail near Grimsby.  We had a gorgeous day, so bright and sunny ... the leaves of the hardwoods just starting to turn.  What a beautiful view!

After the hike, we headed to Vineland ... our first stop, 30 Bench Winery. 

30 Bench
We were directed to a table overlooking rows upon rows of grape vines.  We selected the wines we wanted to taste while we enjoyed the beautiful view.  We tasted some of the small-batch wines ... wines that never make it to the retail stores because of the limited supply.  I highly recommend this winery!

Steve in the tasting room
While we enjoyed the wine and the view, Steve made some notes in his little pad and then, while he made several purchases I dashed out into the vineyard to take this picture.  Just look at those plump juicy grapes!

Cab Franc
During Savour Stratford we tasted some wine from Tawse, and we were eager to visit their winery!

We didn't know this before hand ... but well behaved dogs, on leash ... are welcome here!  We headed into the tasting room excited to taste some of their wines.  We were not disappointed ... again, there were several that we enjoyed ... and we had over-spent at 30 bench!  Ahh hell, we tossed the budget out the window and bought several more bottles of excellent wines!

Tawse Tasting Room
Our planned next stop was Fielding, except we didn't quite make it.  We saw the sign for Malivoire ... and turned in ... we had some excellent wine from Malivoire years ago.  So, we headed in ...

More yummy wine ... and yet more wine purchases.

More grapes
After Malivoire we were both done in ... we ended up stopping for a bite to eat ... sometimes there is too much of a good thing!  Hopefully we'll make the trip later this year, I've heard some good things about Fielding wines.

VQA is A OK!

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