Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Algonquin Colour, at it's Peak!

Another great weekend get-away ... this time Algonquin Provincial Park ... famous for the dazzling displays of colour in the fall.  I've never seen the park so crowded ... EVER.  There was no chance of seeing any moose this visit!

We walked several trails ... even managed to hit them during a lull.  Each time we emerged from the forest after a hike, the parking lot was full to overflowing ... cars and buses even parked out on the highway!

Steve with Tuck, Syd and Alfie.  Lookout Trail

The colour was incredible!  The weather was cloudy/rainy mix ... ah well.

The only wildlife we saw was a pileated woodpecker and a red squirrel.

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  1. Great pictures and love the fall foliage. The dogs are just so cute.