Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Blog or not To Blog

It has been a long time ... so much happening.  So, first I was sick ... really sick, nassssty sick.  And after that, well crazy busy.  I'm certainly NOT relaxing, again.

My car was broken into AGAIN!  I don't drive a snazzy car, I drive a Cavalier ... basic car, no a/c, no CD player.  So why is my car targeted?  These guys piss me off ... everytime they break my window it costs me $300 to get it fixed.  This time they actually stole something ... an extention cord.  Yep, my extention cord that I use to plug in my block heater.  Assholes!

Three months ago my little HP Photoprinter stopped working.  Cartridge jam ... according to what I see on the web, it's fairly common ... but either impossible or too expensive to fix.  So I've been printing my photos at Walmart.  The quality sucks ... really sucks.  To be fair, it's not their fault, it's the instruments fault.  I can't stand it when the beautiful, vibrant colours in my photos are muted during printing.  Well, I got a big surprise ... a new printer!  My husband got me a Canon Pro9000, and holy cow! what a difference.  My pictures are sensational, incredible ... beautiful!

This printer is big, it has to be ... it can print enlargements up to 13" X 19" ... that's HUGE!  So we went out looking for a nice solid printer stand.  It was hopeless.  We ended up putting one of our existing bookcases on it side (it still works as a bookcase that way too) ... it works really well, but I needed another bookcase, right?  Soooooo, off to IKEA.  I love IKEA.  Nice-looking and functional stuff, it won't break the bank, and I won't get mad at the dogs when they scratch it ... cause they will!  I already have some Billy's in the office ... but now they have nice deep units, perfect for all my scrapbooking stuff, so I got two!

So, while I'm hauling all my paper out, moving the office around and then organizing all my scrapbooking stuff, it hits me ... I've got alot of stuff!  Yikes!  Quick-like I check the specs on these new Billy's.  Whew, each shelf can hold 93lbs ... I think I'm OK.  All my albums, totes, well, everything fits ... I'm really happy with these new bookcases!

And ... spring is here ... not officially, but you can feel it in the air, hear the birds singing, feel it, you know?  Listen to me, I never had to wear my parka this winter ... or even my boots.  But I can't help but feel excited that spring is here.  Today, I'm planting some veggy seeds for my garden ...

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