Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Lost

So, that was 4 days that I'll never get back ....

We decided to head up to Killarney again, this time for at least 2 days ... maybe 3 depending on the weather.  We were looking forward to playing on the dog beach, eating fishy and chippie and even walking a couple of trails ... easy ones.

But none of that happened, instead the van broke down on the highway in the middle of nowhere ... well, actually just south of the Pickerel River.  Steve pulled the van over as far as he could ... at least 2 feet off the road.  Oh, and I left my wallet at home which contained my CAA card, which made getting a tow somewhat tedious.  And while we waited for the tow, the rain came down and the wind blew ... transport trucks passed within inches of us (bastards!).  I was afraid that we would be hit and killed right there on the side of the road.  And then water began to pour in from the overhead console, WTF!  Thats never happened before!  We put the only absorbant thing under it, my jacket ... and we waited and waited.

Finally the truck showed up ... a flatbed ... and the pups had to stay in the van.  Steve and I crammed ourselves up with the driver ... and I mean crammed!  The drivers stick shift was firmly jammed against my stomach!  How embarassing!  But he was a real nice guy and we had alot in common, so we chatted pleasantly while we were towed to Sudbury ... an hour long drive.

I was never so happy to get out of any vehicle ... my legs were cramped and my knees were killing me ... it's a long way down from one of those things!  The van rolled off the truck and all 3 pups were so happy to see us ... we put them on leashes and got them out of the garage.  Luckily, the rain had stopped for a bit.  Steve spoke with the service department and then we headed to the hotel.  Rather than walking all the way to the Holiday Inn ~1.5 km ... our preferred motel while travelling, we decided to walk across the road to the Comfort Inn, and they had a pet friendly room available.

At this point I was so relieved and happy.  We were all together, and we were all safe ... that was the most important thing to me!  And the news not too bad.  The service department could work on our van on Sunday ... it should take only ~ 2 hours ... we'd still have time to play in Killarney the next day.  We ordered delivery from Swiss Chalet and went to bed early ... we were exhausted!

to be continued ...

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