Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Lost (continued)

Sunday.  Steve spent most of the day walking back and forth from the motel to the garage.  Nothing was going to plan ... our van was not even looked at until after noon, and then it was one thing or another ... and finally the news that we had been dreading ... we needed a part that the garage didn't have ... a dealer part, and we'd have to wait until Tuesday.

We had less than 30 minutes to walk (really fast) to a store and put in some supplies for the next day ... Labour Day, when all the stores would be closed.  Back in the motel, we ate some dinner and watched the "Big Bang Theory" marathon.  At some point the room started to feet like a prison cell!  We called our neighbour and asked him to look after our cats.

Monday dawned ... and it was cold ... and guess what ... my jacket was still balled up under the leaky console in the van ... locked in the garage across the street.  So the dogs got some quick walks, and Steve let them run off leash behind the hotel a few times.  They are such good dogs ... but they were stressed too ... all cooped up in the room for most of the day.  We had a short dog fight ... I hate those.  Alfie is Alfa in our house ... and every now and then he likes to make a statement. 

Poor Tucker, he never sees it coming.  He never fights back ... he just tries to get away.  It lasted just seconds, Steve pulled Alfie off Tucker, who limped away leaving a trail of blood!  I ran to Tuck, found the wound and applied some presure with a facecloth.  With Steve's help we examined the bite to his upper leg ... is looked terrible ... and we cleaned the fur away ... and it bled more.  Our first aid kit was locked in the van!  I kept pressure on Tuck's leg while Steve ran to the nearest drug store ... thank goodness it was open ... but it took an hour for him to get back.  By then most of the bleeding had stopped, so we just left it be.  Tuck softly licked at it.

Steve purchased some time on the computer in the motel lobby.  He sent his boss an e-mail, letting her know that he'd not be at work on Tuesday ... then he checked the sketch support site.  When he returned to the room (I was still watching Big Bang) he told me that I had won the sketch book give-away!  He gave me his computer card and I dashed to the lobby.  I checked Allison's site, and wow ... what a rush.  So many people had selected my layouts as their favorite!  So then I e-mailed my boss and then Allsion to claim my prize!

Tuesday morning Tucker's leg looked great!   I packed up our stuff and Steve headed over to the garage.  Guess what ... the dealer didn't have the part ... no one did.  They were going to have it sent from Toronto ... which would probably cost us another day!  Steve asked them to check the wreckers, which they did, and they found a part ... which was not even delivered until after 1 o'clock in the afternoon.  The good people at the Comfort Inn had let us stay until 1, but we had to check out then ... they were fully booked for that night.

We sat at a picnic table at the Harvey's next door and ate some lunch.  Even in the sun it was cold.  Then we walked over to the garage ... and there ... sitting in the parking lot was our van!  I loaded the dogs and Steve headed in to the service area.

It was over!  We drove home ... and we didn't stop, not once.  We arrived home around 8 in the evening.  We were exhausted ... the dogs were so happy to be home, and to run ... really run in the yard.

Our long weekend sucked!

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