Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More layouts and Father's Day

Summer happened today!  Hurray.  My garden is still not dug, my tomatoes non-existant ... although I appear to have some leaf lettuce growing in my lawn ... I call it "lawn lettuce", and some romain lettuce in a flower pot ... hmmmm.  My back is feeling much improved, but still not 100%, but I'm going to get some stuff planted this week!

Last week I worked on some stalled layouts, and I'm happy to say that I finished 4. Here they are!

monster parade
Monster parade was not really stalled for very long ...just a few weeks.  October is monster month in Elora, so we dressed the dogs in their costumes and walked them up and down the main street.  Everyone smiled and most people laughed at them.

Athabasca Falls
I've been thinking about how I would do this page for a long time.  Athabasca Falls is one of those "bigger than life" memories ... and for me, that makes it harder to scrap it.  The sketch by Allison Davis was perfect, all I did was make one giant picture instead of all the smaller photos.  This picture deserves no less.

Victoria Woods trilliums
I took this picture in May 2008.  I printed the pictures in September 2010, but I was not happy with the papers I originally selected, so the layout stalled.  Now both Ruff and Gem are gone, both taken by cancer, and the layout neededto be completed.  After I made a switch of one of the papers everything snapped into place.  I like the softness of the layout, but it's not insipid.  I used my copics to colour some of the flowers pink.

Tea time
Mother's day 2009.  We went with a tea theme.  I liked the sketch by Allison Davis for this event, but it still took a long time to complete.  All that hand stitching and those crochet flowers, it's a little "fru-fru" for me, but I like the simplicity too.  Yeah, I like it.

On Father's day we headed down to visit with Steve's dad.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot with a nice breeze.  We sat outside ... the dogs played in the lawn.  Right away we both noticed that Dad is walking much better ... not really shuffling like he did.  I took some pictures of the pups to scrap and was suddenly drawn to a giant bee as it busied itself with some of the flowers in the garden.

The picture for the day is Dad with Alfie.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Great layouts Michele! That bee photo is incredible. You are a great photographer.