Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to work tomorrow

Well vacation ends tonight.  I spent most of the day organizing my scrapping space and looking through all my new stuff from Allison Davis.  Most of it was "to die for", but some was outside my confort zone ... but it's good to try new stuff, right?

Yesterday Steve noticed that Alfie's cheek was bleeding.  Poor pup, he didn't want anything near it but we had to look at it.  While Steve held him I looked at the wound.  It was small but bad ... pretty swollen too ... it felt like he had a ping-pong ball in there.  I could see something extending out of the mess ... small, maybe a stinger.  You know, I remember looking back at the dogs during the drive, and I told Steve that Alfie looked like he may be playing with a bug ... maybe he was.  Anyway, I pulled the thing out slowly and got what looked like a venom sack ... along with alot of other gross stuff.  We soaked the wound with some salted water and applied some medical type goo.  First thing this morning I checked and the swelling is down by half.  Sigh.

Back at my desk I looked through my stuff.  Before I start a new project, I've got to finish up some of the older projects that are "stuck".  I've got at least a dozen layouts that are stalled for one reason or another ... so starting this week I'm gonna get them moving again!

I spoke with my mom.  Steve's dad is much improved with the new medication.  A little good news from them ... I'll take it.

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