Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another 2 weeks

It's early yet, the house is quiet, the street outside is quiet.  The last time I posted was Father's Day ... wowie time does fly!  So last weekend we headed down to my sister's house.  It was James's 12th birthday and they were throwing a pool party ... again.  We were so late ... construction everywhere.  It was the first time Alfie had been there and I was worried that he would fall into the pool.  Sure enough he did, he eyes were huge when he surfaced ... but only micro seconds later James leapt into the pool, fully clothed, to assist him.  To be fair, Alfie was doing OK ... he was just scared ... but the moment James touched him, he stopped swimming and relaxed while James lifted him up to Steve.

Birthday Boy and my Hero
It was a very short week at work.  I ended up taking Dad to his specialist appointment.  The medication he is on has helped him alot, he's not falling as much and he doesn't feel as weak.  Friday, yesterday, was Canada Day.

Steve and I were talking about heading out ... maybe down towards Niagara ... maybe an easy hike and then for no obvious reason Alfie started limping ... badly ... he could hardly put any weight on his front left leg.  So we ended up staying home, let him rest.  Alfie doesn't know the meaning of rest!  Outside it was warm with hardly a whisper of wind ... not enough to fly a kite (our Canada Day tradition), so we turned the hose on and let the dogs play in the water.  It's a golden thing ... Tucker stays out of the way.

Sydney and Alfie('s bum) playing in their Water Wiggle
We spent most of the day in the yard ... even did some weeding!

Finally, I've finished 3 layouts over the last 2 weeks.  Here they are.

Alfie snow pup
 I really love these pictures of Alfie playing in the snow.  Check out those ears lol.

Spring in my backyard
 Spring 2006.  The yard was especially lush ... birds, bunnies and other critters made themselves at home.

I made this layout for a friend of my husband who had just lost her beloved dog.  I know that feeling.

Anyway, today we are heading down to my sister's again for another pool party.  This time we are celebrating my mother's 70th birthday!  Whooo Hooo!  I may even take a dip myself ... I've already packed my camera to take some underswater pics.

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