Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo - our first hurricane

We were a little nervous last night.  We even tied the BBQ to the deck.  The Weather Network had predicted that we would start feeling the effects sometime between midnight and 3 AM.  I was up at 3 and at 5, when Steve put the pups out to pee, but ... nothing.  Then at ~5:30 the rain pounded on our skylight.  We made coffee and sat down in the living room.  We could hear thumping against the house, but we waited until sunrise before we headed out to investigate.  Up and down the street we could hear the steady thud of thousands of chestnuts falling onto roofs, decks and cars from the hundred year old chestnut trees that line the road  It was fairly warm out, and the front porch was sheltered from the wind, so we brought our coffee out onto the porch to watch.  Waves of wind and rain.  Then we decided to head out to Mad Rock to see what the ocean was doing.

Mad Rock juts out into Conception Bay ... not out into the open ocean, so we didn't see the waves that the news was currently reporting.  Steve is a real weather junkie, so he walked to the point to feel the wind.  I sat warm and dry in the car and took his picture.  He was soaked when he got back inside.  We watched for ~30 minutes and then headed home.  By the time we got home, the rain had stopped and the sun was shinning.  That was it, 3 hours of rain and wind, and Hurricane Gonzalo raced away into the north Atlantic.

Steve at Mad Rock
I spent hours yesterday and today working on my scrapbooking.  I was nowhere near ready to start!  Oh, my scrapbook papers, my tools, my desk ... they were ready.  I had downloaded all my pictures from my camera, and scanned all my sketchbooks.  I edited my pictures to fit the sketches that I had decided upon ... and then ... no photo paper.  I still had not unpacked my photo paper.  So ... I am delayed, but I'm gonna post a couple of teaser pictures anyway.

We live in Newfoundland!!!!

Clowning around!

I'm ready for my close up!

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  1. Gorgeous photos Michelle.
    Congrats on your new home and surviving your first hurricane.
    We will await patiently your new layouts after you get organized.
    MaryAnn N.