Friday, October 17, 2014

Hey, I'm baaaaack!

Well, I'm going to keep this short. It has been a very busy year for Steve and I ... and I did indeed keep a journal, so I'll be able to share some of the highlights here. But for now I'll say that the biggest news is .... we now live in Newfoundland!

Steve and I moved 3500 kms from Ontario to the east coast of Canada. And now, I finally have my scrapbook supplies unpacked and somewhat organized!  I have so much stuff! I've taken thousands of pictures since we got here and I'm looking through the Scrapbook Generation Sketchbooks for ideas. It's going to be a stormy weekend here on the Avalon ... the first hurricane since we moved here, Gonzalo, is set to sweep past the island in about 24 hours ... so I'm hoping to spend the weekend sitting at my scrapbook desk, working on my first scrapbook layout in 18 months!

Oh .... sigh ... So hard to decide what I'll do first ... should I do icebergs or whales or puffins ...

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