Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've been working!

Well, ain't that the truth!  I've been putting a lot of overtime ... really pushing myself!  Steve and I joined the YMCA at Christmas, so the few spare hours that I've had, I've been at the gym ... but so far I have not lost a single pound ... that just sucks!

I've also been scrapping.  Sometimes just a few minutes at a time.  Today, I'm posting 3.

Well, today is the 2nd anniversary of Ruffian's passing ... I'll always miss him.  I started this layout the day after he died ... I put it aside, there's just something about this picture of him ... it's great, isn't it.  Sometimes when I look at it, I feel like ... it's so weird ... but I feel like he's looking at me, and it makes me sad.  Well today, I finished it.


Snowflake detail
 Next, on the return leg of our cross-Canada vacation in 2008, we stopped in Winnipeg to visit some long lost relatives, and to visit the Forks.  The park is really beautiful, we spend an entire day wandering the trails and relaxing under lovely shade trees.

at the FORKS, Winnipeg

Shade Tree detail

Sun detail
and finally, in 2009 we vacationed in Manitoba, and we heard about Narcisse Snake Dens.  Huge numbers of Garter Snakes come here to den-up for the winter.  When they emerge in the spring they're ready to mate.  They say that you can actually hear the 'hum' from their scales as they form large knots which could contain hundreds of snakes.  Well, it was the wrong time of year, so while we saw the dens, we saw the beautiful displays of wildflowers in the meadows, we even saw the special snake fencing along the roadways ... we saw it all, but no snakes!

... but no Snakes

S is for snake
I'm expecting that I'll be working alot of OT for the next 2 months ... big project, lots of STRESS ... but I really hope to get more scrapping done. 

Thanks for looking, take care!

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