Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello again

Well, I have not posted in a very long while ...

I thought that I'd start with some good news ... you know, news that I promised months ago ...

I'm going to be published again!  I'm thrilled that 2 of my landscape pictures will be published in the Special August Issue of Creating Keepsakes!  It's all about digital photography and landscapes.  I can hardly wait to see my work in Creating Keepsakes ... WOW!

And now ... the not so good news.  Gosh ... now I'm not sure I can do this ... no one knows ...

Well ... here goes ... I have a lump ... in my neck.  The first doctor was really concerned ... but the surgeon was pretty easy-going about it.  I've got the X-rays and the CT scan done ... and I'm waiting for my next appointment with the surgeon for the next step ... the biopsy.  So I really don't know anything yet ... but I've got to admit, I'm scared!  It could be nothing ... but it could be ......

I have not even looked at my scrapbook space since the day the lump was discovered.  I dunno why.  I've been working really hard on bigger things, mostly my garden.  It's beautiful, by the way.  But now I'm starting to think about scrapping again ...

Allison has shut down the Sketch Support blog.  I'm really going to miss the sketches, and the interaction with the rest of the team.  I would have had to take a break anyway ... but I really loved the challenges and let's face it ... the bragging rights, but I absolutely agreee with her reasons for calling it quits.  I'm still her biggest fan, and with luck, I'll be posting layouts using her sketches soon.

Hey, Nancy ... you out there?  I got your beautiful card and BC souvenir booklet.  It came just when I needed a  pick me up.  I'll have to post a picture the that card ... so thoughtful, and so lovely.  Thank you!
Oh, and no need to tempt me, I plan on vacationing out there again ... a lot sooner that I thought ... gotta do it while I can, right?

All the kitties and the dogs are well ... really well.  I'll post more soon ... take care everyone!


  1. I started following your blog through Sketch Support and it was just for a very short time before Sketch Support decided to call it quits. Your LOs have been inspiring because it's on landscapes and nature. These are my most photographed images since I do not have kids or pets.

    Hope to still be able to occasionally see your LOs on the blog and it's definitely easier to scrap leisurely than for deadlines.

    Will keep you in mind and in prayers on your health. Take care and enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. I also discovered your blog thru Sketch Support and still check it from time to time. Just read the July 13 post. I'll be praying for you and checking on you through your blog.