Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sketch Support One Page Sketch

It's one-page sketch week over at Sketch Support!

One-page Sketch #17

I have so many pictures of Chris playing hockey ... so many great moments ... he's so fun to watch!  I knew that I'd have to use the sketch pretty much as is!  Here's my layout!

"Gotcher Game On" by Michele Edwards
Supplies - Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper: The Paper Company, Creative Imaginations, Moxxie; Embellishments: Stars cut with die-namics, Queen and Company rhinestones; Alphabets: Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook); Floss: DMC.

I always love sketches like this. All those bits and pieces of paper really pop. Another thing I love about this, other than the background cardstock, all the paper came from my scrap bin!


1. I stayed true to the sketch, the main difference was that I stretched the sketch to cover two pages.

2. I used pop-dots to raise some of the stars.

The creative team is really rocking the sketch ... check it out!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Got it!

I saw a snowie again ... a different one, well maybe the first one again.  Anyway, this guy has some brown banding.  It was snowing, figures ... but I pulled in along side the pole he was on, and pointed my camera up through the windshield.  I didn't get out because I was afraid I would spook him.  Here he is ... an Urban Snowy Owl!

Isn't he great!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Snowy

I can't believe my luck ... really, we drive all around farm country looking for snowies ... and don't see one, and I've now spotted 2 snowy owls in Oakville ... in town!  Last week I saw one sitting a fence post, brown and white.  Today I saw a pure white snowy owl sitting on a telephone poll, next to a busy road, looking miserable in the rain and wind.  I HAVE to bring my camera ... I pulled onto the shoulder right next to the guy, watched for several minutes ... and he didn't budge.  I'm so lucky!

Sketch Support Add-on Week

I love all of Allison's sketches ... but I've alway's thought that the add-ons were the most challenging.  This is my first add-on as part of the creative team, and I had so much fun with it.  I must have made 15 snowmen using different techniques, a little this, or maybe some of that ... and in the end, I fell in love with this guy!

Here's the sketch ...

Add-on Sketch #13

and here's my project ...

"Light Up the Night" by Michele EdwardsSupplies - Cardstock: Bazzill, BoBunny; Patterned Paper: KaiserCraft, BoBunny; Embellishments: Snowflakes cut with die-namics and fiskars punch, marvy liquid applique, glamour dust, Offray ribbon, Queen and Company rhinestones, unknown frosty-blue and silver snowflake brads, unknown string of lights; Alphabets: Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook), American Crafts Thickers; Ink: Copic Markers, Colorbox; Floss: DMC; Sketch: Sketches for Scrapbooking, Volume 6

I am so in love with my snowman, he's too-cute! I used him to embellish a layout using pictures of Christmas lights in our local park. I started with a sketch from Sketches for Scrapbooking, Volume 6.

Snowman Variations

 1. I covered the snowman's body with the liquid applique, using a swirling motion. Then I sprinkled a thin dusting of glamour dust over the liquid applique before it dried.

2. I used brads for the snowman's eyes and also for his buttons, rolled up orange cardstock for his nose and red seed beads for his mouth. Using two shades of brown floss and a generous helping of white glue, I twisted the floss to create twigs for his arms.

3. I used ribbon for his scarf and put a band of ribbon around his hat. I coloured the ribbon using my copic markers.

4. To further the theme of the layout, I draped a string of Christmas lights over his arms.

Seriously, get over there and check out the funny, sweet and always inspiring projects that the creative team is doing with this sketch!
Next week is one-page sketch week .... what will I dooooooo?•••••••••••••••••••••

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What a great weekend!

It's great 'cause for me, it was a long one!

On my way home on Thursday I saw my first Snowy Owl of the year!  It was totally unexpected ... not too far away from work ... go figure!  A female!

We had freezing rain overnight, and on Friday the roads were bad, lots of accidents, so I went back to sleep for an hour!  Great start to a long weekend eh!  Snowy and blowy all Friday, cold too, but I snuggled under a blanket with the pups ... and spent some time looking through pictures, I love doing that.

Today we went on a Owl hunt ... and nothing, no owls and no roughies.  Well we did see numerous flocks of snow buntings.  But I noticed on the birding site that I follow that a snowie was photographed on 8th near 12th. near Conestoga Lake  I there today, a few times, but we missed her!  Here is a link to the site, I just love the name!  ( Ah well, it gives me hope!

I submitted my project for Sketch Support ... I was very happy with how it turned out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two-Page Sketch Week

My second layout went up on Sketch Support on Monday!  The sketch is fantastic ... and I have some super-cool ideas, but time was an issue and I only finished one layout.  I've printed the pictures, and I'll be sure to post the others when I get them done!

So, without further delay .... the sketch!  Isn't it great?

Two-page Sketch #24

And here's my take .... these pictures were taken in January 2011.  Our pups: Ruff, Tuck and Syd.  These pictures are so important to me ... Ruff dashing around ... keeping up with the young pups ... his silky fur flowing in the wind ... and that dopey smile, that's our Ruff.  (Ruff's the red and white border collie).  Just days after these pictures were taken we lost him to cancer.  We had no idea ... how could we know that his time was so limited?  This is the way I'm going to remember him.

"Dashing Thru The Snow" by Michele Edwards

Supplies - Cardstock: Cor’dinations, American Crafts, Bazzill, BoBunny; Patterned Paper: Pebbles; Embellishments: Snowflakes cut with die-namics, snowflakes cut with Cricut (Christmas Cartridge), glamour dust, unknown silver and silver snowflake brads; Alphabets: Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook), Floss: DMC


1. I used a 6X8 picture instead of the photoblock on the right page.

2. Instead of the scalloped edge, I used half-snow flakes in alternating blue and green. I used the snowflake edging to frame the focal picture.

3. To add sparkle, I highlighted the snowflake edging with tiny silver brads, randomly using silver snow flake brads. For even more sparkle, I used glamour dust on all the white snow flakes and the word "SNOW" in the title

4. I stitched around the curved edge of the photo mat, and again through the center of the striped strip.

5. I used journal strips rather than a journal block.

The detail shot was not on the Sketch Support post because of the way I saved the file ... it was too small, so anyone looking at it here gets a special surprise!  The layout looks really sparkly ... too bad the pictures just don't show it well.

Head over to Sketch Support and check out all the awesome layouts!

It's Add-on week next week, and I'm so happy with the way that's going ... I'm lovin it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I don't like Facebook!

So, another week of my life ...

Work is crazy busy ... but I think that I've still kept my resolution to "relax" ... it has been tough.

I did however manage to do something that I still can't figure out how I did it.  Somehow ... I slammed the car door on ... my NECK!  I mean how!  But there is no denying it ... and I've got the bruise to prove it!
For 2 days I couldn't move my neck ... it was killer driving.  For 2 nights I couldn't sleep. 

I sent in my layout for this week, it's a great sketch ...

Today we took the dogs out to walk a trail ... the weather is so beautiful ... and the trails so muddy!

And finally, I wanted to get back into facebook ... I have not signed in for years ... it's just not really my thing ... I guess it still isn't.  Well, much of my profile was gone ... hey, but my two 'friends' were still there LOL.  I sent a message to two people, just to play ... but my first message is not showing up on their 'wall', and my internet crashed on the second.  It was almost enough to make me NOT RELAX, maybe I'll try again later.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sketch Support - Jan Card Sketch

My first project as part of the Creative Team went up today ... what a rush!  It's Card Sketch Week, and all the projects are so awesome!

Here's the sketch ...

Card Sketch #15

And here's my take on it ...

"Winter Wonders" by Michele EdwardsSupplies - Cardstock: Bazzill, American Crafts; Patterned Paper: Chatterbox; Embellishments: Snowflakes cut with die-namics, trees cut with Cricut (Christmas Cartridge); Alphabets: Cricut (Plantin Schoolbook), Marvy liquid applique; Ink: Colorbox Pigment, copic markers, marvey gel pen; Floss: DMC


1. Instead of a card, I did a two-page layout.

2. I made the snowflakes 3-D and popped several up using pop-dots.

3. I cut a curvy bottom edge to the photo mat.

I loved this sketch, my first as part of the Creative Team. I took these pictures in Algonquin Park. The trails are almost deserted in the winter and there is a much better chance of seeing wildlife. I'm always amazed that these tiny, seemingly fragile gems of nature not only survive the cold Ontario winters, they thrive. We were lucky to see large flocks of redpoles and several boreal chickadees, migrants from the high arctic, along with the usual year-round birds.

I used MARVY liquid applique on the title to further the winter theme, I was surprised just how 'puffy' the letters became! I framed the photo mat with wintery trees that I shaded using my copic markers, then a MARVY gel pen to suggest snow. I popped up the bottoms of two of the trees to add depth. Finally I used the liquid applique under the trees to ground them.

To see more projects, sure to inspire ... check out

Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This is my last day off ... I'm back to work tomorrow.  Guh.

Today I spent many hours figuring how to, playing with, and then updating my blog:  I've got a profile, family pics, and all kinds of goodies there now.  Or should I say gadgets?  Other than that, I've been playing with my scrapbooking, looking thru pictures (one of my favorite things!), and making a mess of my organized (finally) scrap space.  Brand new year ... same old mess!

So, tomorrow my first layout will go up on Sketch Support!  Woot! Woot!

Stay tuned .....